THCa Badder

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181 reviews for THCa Badder

  1. Ellen (verified owner)

    This stuff is delicious. Gassy, fruity, and delicious medicine. I’m going to go clean my kitchen now! Thank you for the oomph I needed! You should carry this ALWAYS 💕

  2. Joshua (verified owner)

    Superb remedy I’ve dreamed of and needed bless you my friend

  3. John

    Got a few grams. Wish I had gotten more. Pine and lemon. Great value!

  4. pelonatedogg (verified owner)

    Very good product. Taste amazing and does the job very well,good medicine all around. Wish I would have gotten more

  5. A.W (verified owner)

    My only regret is not picking up OZ’s when it was in stock 🙁 guys this stuff is so good there is literally nothing bad about it. Purchase while it’s available that’s all I have to say.

  6. Evan (verified owner)

    Citrus/Gas and very loud. Great wax!

  7. Dabstronaut (verified owner)

    Some of the cleanest and most flavorful medicine I’ve found. You can sip on this stuff. A++

  8. MJ

    I really hope they restock this soon. I never got to try it sadly

  9. Jason (verified owner)

    Quality stuff! Was very impressed and hopefully will get more soon

  10. ryavery

    I missed the last drop. I’m so sad.

  11. avmech2009 (verified owner)

    Amazing badder, not to mention the price. Nice citrusy and lemony terpenes super clean and no plant matter left in my puffco ceramic chamber. Keep my temp at about 450 and great clean rips. Thank you ryan for a great product.

  12. garetc88 (verified owner)

    This stuff is PERFECT. It hits like a truck in the best way. The only problem is it’s such a rarity.

    Aside from the scarcity, this stuff is master class. Pack a bowl with some of their THCa flower and you’ll be feeling just capital.

    Love long and prosper.

  13. Tim (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the product. It has Great flavor and effects. Can’t beat the price either.

  14. Dan R (verified owner)

    Pretty sure it was altnoids this last drop. Very harsh and delayed for effects.

  15. Jason (verified owner)

    This is some good stuff. I like to dab it w a straw or make my own carts w it. I got some of the drier stuff so I didn’t mind melting a few of those down, strong effect and paired nicely w some boutique terpenes. The latest drop I wouldn’t want to melt down bc there are a lot of good flavours so it stands on its own. Good job dude. Nice offerings.

  16. cody (verified owner)

    This stuff was amazing, wish they could stay stocked. really gassy with some sweet flower undertone it came a bit saucy but I put it in the fridge a hour and it came out to a nice wax texture.10/10

  17. Buddhaboi (verified owner)

    This recent batch smelled like Dettol mixed with a beautiful delicious citrusy pine forest. It tasted absolutely amazing and has some of the best medicinal effects personally. Please never stop making this at such an affordable price, it really is a true kindness.

  18. Greenman (verified owner)

    The only thing more amazing than the price is the product. Holy smokes!

  19. James Earl (verified owner)

    I went with the oz and glad I did. I have many medical issues that this medicine provides relief for. The savings for the larger amount are wonderful. The actually badder? Top notch concentrate! Terpy and powerful! I also got some from the last batch. While that was amazing in its own right…to me this batch is superior. Stronger flavor and effects. A great company bringing the lowest prices possible is a God send. Then to have a program to help with cost for low income, really hits hits the heart, proves that this company cares. Nice to have a company care about providing medicine, as opposed to just greed. Thanks Ryan, Rush Hemp!

  20. victor_mago (verified owner)

    Delicious and strong. This will probably be my exclusive source of concentrate from now on

  21. xrobinson916 (verified owner)

    Amazing medicine! STRONG orange, gassy scent and flavor! It tastes just as amazing as it smells and is very potent. Effects can be described as hybrid, more on the indi side. 100% will buy again. Amazing product, and for the price its unbeatable! Thnx RHF.

  22. xrob (verified owner)

    Amazing medicine! STRONG orange, gassy scent and flavor! It tastes just as amazing as it smells and is very potent. Effects can be described as hybrid, more on the indi side. 100% will buy again. Amazing product, and for the price its unbeatable! Thnx RHF.

  23. Johnny (verified owner)

    I really wanted to like this stuff from the reviews, but after only a few dabs this stuff is leaving a crazy amount of reclaim in my rig and coating the dry parts in a sticky coating like no other concentrate I’ve ever had. I’ve been dabbing for years and never had something coat my rig like this. I’m not sure if it left over extraction chems or what but I’m not trying to put more in my lungs, sucks because I got 5gs.

  24. B W (verified owner)

    Easily comparable to stuff I’ve found at dispensaries in a few states. Awesome prices, and awesome effect. If this keeps getting stocked I absolutely will be buying more! Would love to see more terp profiles but I am MORE than happy to have this available as it is. Thank you!

  25. Hayden (verified owner)

    Quality medicine! two thumbs up

  26. Dustin (verified owner)

    Classic taste quality product

  27. Jonathan (verified owner)

    I’ve been waiting the better part of 15 years to purchase this product and was not disappointed! This, to me, is indistinguishable from wax I’ve gotten in Colorado but at a better price and I didn’t have to drive 3,000 miles to get it. It has a very classic orange smell and pine taste (using a puffco @440) and it’s great! I picked up an ounce when it was available and will grab a few more when they come back.

  28. matthew.fortunato (verified owner)

    this stuff rocks. thats all i can say. taste is on point too. fast shipping too

  29. Jenn Mace

    This is absolutely the best concentrate I have found and I have tried many. This stuff smells like fresh air, and hits and feels like it too. I love this stuff.

  30. Kris (verified owner)

    good product but feel like I was shorted some.. would order again when in stock. hopefully won’t be long!

  31. Jack (verified owner)

    Latest batch is the perfect consistency, nice golden color too. And hits like a truck

  32. Edward (verified owner)

    For the price, absolutely phenomenal. I wasn’t expecting much because other vendors charge an arm and a leg for concentrates and I questioned why this was so inexpensive. Turns out it’s excellent. I’m an awful reviewer but if you get a chance to pick some of this up then I would.

  33. sarahwrites

    Oh my! This THCA, compared to another company’s I tried – which was also more expensive – is more medicinal. I enjoy using this as my dab and CBD / CBG flower or same concentrates. This medicine un-paralyzes me from my neurodegenerative disease and gives me both more quality of life and more time. Without it, I cannot breathe or move or speak or walk or almost anything but move my eyes (though I can’t focus nor open them when I’m not medicated enough and I feel so dizzy when I can’t focus my vision or open my eyes to communicate) – not even able to ask for help. Pricing is wonderful for those who can afford. And this company, unlike so many, has their heart in the right place with a program to help people who are severely ill like me. That is healing in and of itself – the fact that this family cares so much! This is among the cleanest lifts up I’ve ever experienced, compared even to CO product. This comes in 2nd to CO Sativa. I hope to try the THCA flower at some point because I often vape flower and dab THCA so that would eliminate a step, but THCA flower is costly, so I have been focusing on eating raw and ABV’d CBDA/CBGA flower and dabbing a little bit of this to get unlocked. This has saved my life for now. I’m so beyond grateful!! And it has a strong citrus and pine flavor/smell to me. Is it real strong to others? When asking people in the domicile with no other users (I take small dabs compared to heavy stoners), I’ve heard them say it was not real strong to them. Yay! Can’t say it’s as strong smelling as CO concentrates, but I enjoy the flavors and active terps because I don’t feel the need to terp this brand/batch. It stands out on its own. The THCA is interesting because it knows what my brain and body need. For example, if I need to eat, it will help me have an appetite and some hunger (lack of these has been a problem for a few months now). If I need sleep over food, THCA will give me the intuition to just go lay down and eat later. It really helps calm and balance my autonomic nervous system. It’s the last medication I have that works because docs don’t have ANYTHING else.

    I also want to get my friends into it because I see the hotdog water they get at gas stations and vape shops and I’m quite horrified – often neither a website nor a COA to be found and a list of “rogue chemicals” (newly produced “cannabinoids” being pushed to market by the hemp industry with no regard for user health other than not killing people quickly). Rush can be trusted. The other stuff the hemp industry pumps out? I’ll pass. And hope I can convince my friends to pass too by making them some carts with Rush product to show them that it’s not all about the number of cannabinoids or just getting high. There’s so much more science, magic and art here. WITHOUT sacrificing health short- and longterm.

    I personally stay away from THCO and THCP. I feel like the closer I stay to the cannabinoids found in the two plants themselves (arbitrarily determined by d9 content alone), the closer I’m staying to nature rather than doing potentially more harm than good. Besides which, I FEEL BETTER with flower and THCA – it’s a very CLEAN “elevation!”

    D8 is safe I believe in general for most people and I believe for myself. But it’s sedating for me. My desire (besides to sleep, for which there’s w33d and another brand’s THCA that knocks me out) is to be more active. To move, to speak as best I can, to breathe, to function. This is about quality (and quantity to some extent) of life.

    And I entirely stand by my statement that this THCA comes second to CO hot products. I simply have not found (despite a lot of searching) anything that comes this close.

    Thank you Rush family! You’re live savers and saved my Thanksgiving, Christmas, and everyday quality of life. I’m literally alive because of you. THANK YOU!

  34. tinigammada (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered this 4 times so far and even though the texture may change, the effects are great each time. The price is unbeatable in my opinion. The flavor is really nice, like a gassy lemon and pine. Shipping is great too, came in 5 days even though it was the holiday season. Will be ordering again

  35. kadepuckett (verified owner)

    Thanks for this wonderful medicine!!!
    My body and mind truly appreciate relief provided.
    Thanks again RHF.

  36. Steven (verified owner)

    Came vacuum sealed, right after cutting it open I smelt dankness, opened the jar and it was BEAUTIFUL blonde white gold consistency, taking a dab of it and it reminds me of bm pho live resin wax I’ve had, second pull on the same dab doesn’t taste like butt oil, kinda neutral sweet tasting, I get hints of lemon and gas, it’s not overwhelming but it’s on par and the smell is unmistakable for sure…when it’s room temp it’s thick cake batter, when it’s stored in the fridge its like THICK frosting

  37. dwages (verified owner)

    Vacuum sealed fast shipping hits good. Will be grabbing more.

  38. 🥞 pancakes 🥞 (verified owner)

    made with love 🥰 this is the best company to support, and I love you guys. thank you for being wonderful!

  39. victor_mago (verified owner)

    Great price and flavor

  40. victor_mago (verified owner)

    Great deal all around

  41. J Mays (verified owner)

    Absolute 🔥. Period. Thumbs way up 👍👍

  42. dylanwbrock (verified owner)

    This badder is the best! Can’t wait for more!!!

  43. Anonymous


  44. dream.crusher (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it can’t wait to make another order!

  45. Kyle Martin (verified owner)

    Straight up GAS! Phenomenal value. Had to get myself 2 OZ’s. Really hope you make more soon! Also customer service is extremely fast and attentive. Thank you again!

  46. Ryan (verified owner)

    I thought this was great for the price. I had very good effects and they helped me relax for sure. I would highly recommend trying his badder when it is in stock next time.

  47. zardoz (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing. Pine, gas, orange, it is stimulating and relaxing. I wish I got more!

  48. mattphebert (verified owner)

    Some variance from batch to batch. But good stuff at a good price.

  49. Christopher Brazell (verified owner)

    This is by far the best thca badder i have purchased online.
    Great meds!! Outstanding!!

  50. Jaison Small (verified owner)

    Just WOW !!! I am floored unbelievable!!!!! I have tried so many some good some garbage. This is as close and better than most stuff you would get in a dispens. in a legal states and pay $50 + A gram. I can’t praise or thank you🙏 enough!!!!!!

  51. kyannawalker20 (verified owner)

    best price you can get for this quality and quantity. i bought 14g about a month ago and here i am again ordering 14 more grams. tastes yummy, dank and herbal. my badder had what appeared to be some diamonds in there. very good and highly recommend!

  52. Christopher Brazell (verified owner)

    Won the 5g promotion!!
    This stuff is better with every batch!!!
    Hands down better than dispo, for the price!!
    Really doesn’t get any better!!
    Customer service is A+++
    Thanks Rush!!

  53. jacob h. (verified owner)

    Ordered some batter. I live in TN so it was like a 2 day ship once it left. Product was exactly what is described. My batch was high in pinene. A friend called about the labs and stuff and Rush sent them instantly.

    I just ordered another 14.

  54. Manuel c.

    I won a free gram the other day and I had been out of work for over a month now and been seriously struggling to just to get to smoke and this company is freaking awesome cause I don’t know if anyone just giving out 5 gram and 1 gram jars of fire badder hand over fist.thanks rush hemp farms I really enjoyed it.its very nice super gassy,lemony, and weedy taste it’s just good I got some spicy ness too but it’s just as good as dispensary grade bho.defanly worth buying.highly recommend

  55. jonharris456 (verified owner)

    Great stuff I would highly recommend for anybody.

  56. Dustin hedberg (verified owner)

    This is top notch product

  57. Jacob (verified owner)

    Wowowow. Just holy shat, wow. I don’t want to say the quality varies, because it doesn’t. It’s always good. It slaps like dispo, but much better priced. The customer service here is amazing. I honestly cannot recommend Rush Hemp enough. I’m on purchase #4. Just heard about them a couple months ago.


  58. Ridge (verified owner)

    Got my order about an hour ago and just ran two fat globs through my Ooze Beacon, and WOW. This badder is sooo good! I’m glad I got 5g, but I wish I would’ve got more now! An order for 14g or 28g is definitely in my near future!
    Super tasty terps, the entourage effect is sublime, and it hits so smooth. Dispensary quality concentrates delivered right to your front door, who could ask for more?

    This was my very first order from Rush, but you’ve gained yourself a loyal customer now! Also, really helpful when emailing customer service as well, that’s a very nice thing and something you don’t get often with businesses, so thank you very much!

  59. Edwin Parker (verified owner)

    This is some really good concentrate, in fact it is among the best I have had recently. I do not trust concentrate off the street after getting some that was tainted a few years back. Its so awesome to finally have some decent concentrate again. This stuff is pure and is a delight to consume and is very effective even for someone like me with a huge tolerance overall. This stuff slaps. Thank you Rush Hemp Farms. Will definitely be getting more.

  60. jonharris456 (verified owner)

    Love this stuff!

  61. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Each batch is getting better, and much more consistent than other TN-based vendors. You can really tell that there is a lot of love and care for the plant at the Rush farm. This stuff is my daily driver out of a carta v2, excellent flavor and huge clouds @~450-480*

  62. osamaswert (verified owner)

    Smells great, tastes great, strong effects. Consistency is a little runny if warm but still fantastic concentrate

  63. Joseph P. (verified owner)

    Always great products and pricing. The thca badder is the purest quality I’ve found.

  64. joe (verified owner)

    Very tasty, very strong effects

  65. Ridge (verified owner)

    Now that I’ve had my badder for a week or two, figured I’d leave a review.

    This stuff is fire!! I initially bought a 5g jar of it, and that was a horrible mistake, only because this stuff is so good, I’ve only been dabbing it and haven’t touched any of the flower I have from other vendors one bit! Definitely should have gotten the 1oz jar, but I absolutely will in the near future.

    The flavor and terps are solid and super tasty, gasy and lemony, and the consistency is super easy to work with, especially with a hot knife.

    Shipping was very fast, and my jar was packaged well. I even had a question that the RHF team were quick to respond to and they were both courteous and polite. This was my first purchase from Rush, and I truly have nothing bad to say about the badder or this company. They have definitely gained a new and loyal customer with me!

    Thank you, Rush Hemp Farms!

  66. Alexander (verified owner)

    Please do not buy. It sells out too quickly!

  67. Dylan (verified owner)

    delicious taste, wonderful effects… consumed with a peak, cold start, 500f, 3d atomizer.

  68. Daniel (verified owner)

    Great as always!

  69. veiny (verified owner)

    Great effects, great taste, great quality, all at a great price.

  70. Evan (verified owner)

    For the price, you’d be crazy not to grab it (if it’s in stock). It has a very prominent lemony flavor to it that I personally really, really like. The effects were good too and seemed to lean very indica for me at least. Great stuff!

  71. Ronald Singleton (verified owner)

    Great product! Fast shipping and fair pricing 😁

  72. Marshall D. (verified owner)

    Blows me away how good this is and how affordable it is!

  73. Dustin h. (verified owner)

    As always the best around

  74. Jacob H. (verified owner)

    You absolutely cannot beat the end of month sale. This stuff is so good! I’ve bought like 7 times now and it’s always good! Much love, Rush! You’re the master of badder!!!

  75. Anonymous (verified owner)

  76. Kyle (verified owner)

    My favorite THCA badder on the market

  77. Amanda Maltz

    bring this back loved it

  78. Anonymous (verified owner)


  79. Diana B. (verified owner)

    I am just being honest. No nose, no flavor, and I refuse to dab it. It’s ok for joints and is potent, but not for me. It was 60 for 5 grams, so I’m not shocked that it is this way. This, in no way, reflects on the company. I even got a 100 mg chocolate bar for a one day delay in shipping. Ryan’s a good human.

  80. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Not too shabby

  81. Thomas (verified owner)

    I initially ordered 5 grams. Once I received and sampled it, I immediately ordered an ounce. Shipping is fast and the packaging is excellent. The product feels like a hybrid. I’d love to see offerings in sativa and indica strains. Rush Hemp Farms has a new steady customer.

  82. Thomas (verified owner)

    This was my second purchase from Rush. Great price, safely packaged, quick shipping, and the quality of the badder is great. Nice citrus fruity taste. I’ll be buying more from Rush.

  83. Collin B. (verified owner)

    Fantastic flavor and has a sweet vanilla taste. Some of the best concentrate out there.10/10

  84. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Flavor is very harsh compared to the competition in this category, but for the $/g you really can’t complain too much. Super fast shipping which is always appreciated. Don’t know that I’d order again personally since I usually like to enjoy the flavor a bit more than I did with this product, but it would definitely do in a pinch.

  85. Jason (verified owner)

    Product was great. Looks great, smells great, tastes great. The only problem I had was getting the last of the badder out of the jar. Very, very sticky whether it is cold or hot can get absolutely everywhere if you aren’t careful. Keep up the good work.

  86. Justin L. (verified owner)

    4/5 Very good badder just could not handle extremely high temps. (I Use electronic) Most likely based off terpene profile which tasted very berry like to me when I got it down.

  87. Kyle V. (verified owner)

    Quick shipping, badder is 10/10 for this price love the taste and effects

  88. Spacekadet (verified owner)

    Love it!!!

  89. CountDabula (verified owner)

    fire smoke
    fire price
    ty rush ❤️🙏

  90. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Tastes good, smells good, feels good. That’s all I ask.

  91. psychosleeps (verified owner)

    This batch that just sold out was good. Not super sticky like the previous batch.

  92. theheadyelephant420 (verified owner)

    Looks great and taste is on point. Best badder for the price, this last batch was really great also. Should’ve gotten a 14er! Thanks man!

  93. tko (verified owner)

    10/10 quality and value

  94. Anonymous (verified owner)


  95. Anonymous (verified owner)

  96. Anonymous (verified owner)

  97. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Very happy with this purchase only wish I got more it didn’t have much of a taste more akin to like a distillate which I think this is basically what this product is but if you put this next to some distillate you got from a dispensary I don’t think you would be able to tell the difference in taste feel and high and imo this looks better and for the price I doubt you can find a better deal 5 out of 5 highly recommend

  98. Vernon Mooney (verified owner)

    Tasty, potent medicine. Heavy head & body buzz. Instant body pain relief. Will be buying again!

  99. Trevor (verified owner)

    Good consistency and taste. Came in about a week.

  100. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good taste and very smooth on the lungs and great effects that creep up on you.

  101. Rayburn (verified owner)

    A+ will be buying more.

  102. Jason B. (verified owner)

    This is my daily driver. I keep the jar in the refrigerator to make it easier to work with. Nice flavor and medicinal effect. Thanks RHF

  103. Justin (verified owner)

    Good for the price. Happy that it wasn’t too lemon/citrus tasting.

  104. Anthony G. (verified owner)

    Nice thca badder for dabbing. Has a good flavor and effects you can feel. 5 stars for the price. Thank you!

  105. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Taste and potency both on point. 11/10, thanks Ryan.

  106. Thomas (verified owner)

    Great product! This is my 3rd purchase of RHFs badder.

  107. Anonymous (verified owner)

    gets the job done but no terps last batch was better

  108. Jonathan (verified owner)

  109. livelaughshred (verified owner)

    Bro, this is legit. Been using it for the last week or so and, no joke, I like it more than the dispensary badder I had been getting. The texture is fantastic, and the feeling is euphoric. Another review mentioned that it doesn’t have terps in it, but it tastes absolutely fantastic and clean to me. I’m dabbing it, not serving it as an entree. Huge ups to Rush

  110. isaihsan (verified owner)

    Really nice– flavor on point, gets you there fast, and the BF deal made 1/2 affordable.

  111. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I like it for my budget pens

  112. Vernon M. (verified owner)

    Great product..however. This is my 2nd order AFTER the so called Black Friday (Free Gift with every purchase) promo…I have contacted you all 3 times about me not receiving my “Free Gift” or any response regarding the false advertisement. I still received my order so just never got my “Free Gift” or any response. So I gave you all 2 stars. Great Product, terrible customer service/ appreciation.

  113. J (verified owner)

    unbelievable quality each and every time. same consistency every single order in all aspects. lemony skunky sweet lil sour smooth and amazing badder. clean very clean, little to no residue . easy on lungs and throat but definitely expansive . effects are fairly immediate with a full onset for me after about 1-3 mins. it is stringer than it feels at first so go slow . you can always take another hit but one too many might be a rough learning experience (enjoyable nonetheless 😁) so a little can be slot in other words. the price is so affordable compared to others especially when considering quality of badder. Mr. Rush , thank you very much. as long as it’s available I’m grabbing it when I can. ✌️🌲

  114. Dustin Lampp (verified owner)

    This is some great tasting badder and you can’t beat the price

  115. Anonymous (verified owner)

    New badder doesn’t have as much flavor as the last batches. But as always they are fast to deliver, the price is more then great, still well worth the buy, and the customer service is great.

  116. Collin B. (verified owner)

    I’ve tried several suppliers over the last year. This is the most consistent with the highest quality badder . This is the best NATURAL badder you will find on the market.

  117. Wade J. (verified owner)

    Super tasty stuff. Im kinda snobby when it comes to flavor and this checked the boxes for me. also only took 3 days to get here from day I ordered!

  118. Ross (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be more happy with my purchase. Amazing product at an amazing price. Has a lovely smell/taste and the effects are on point. Highly recommend.

  119. Andrew (verified owner)

    It’s worth buying nice taste and smell

  120. Josh (verified owner)

    I bought the ounce on a whim. Product exceeds expectations. 100% NATURAL. Cheaper and less hassle than dispensaries. The smell is a pleasantly mild gas/fruity/pine combo. I just got off work, unboxed it, threw a dab in my Randy’s Pilot 2.0, took 3 pulls of some tasty goodness, and now I am writing this review. Long live RHF, the Real Hash Farm. Thank you!

  121. Chloe (verified owner)

    nice wet consistency thats very easy to work with. terps are nice and gassy and effects on point. definitely worth the price, shipping was quick too!

  122. Thomas C. (verified owner)

    Coughing like a sombitch high was decent nothing to write about. Would just rather buy from my dealer for 40 a gram

  123. Nicholas Castillo (verified owner)

    This badder is crazy. Extremely cerebral. It was so introspective. Mentally stimulating. I rolled it with Rush Hemps Blueberry Muffin THCA flower in a 3 gram super doobie. My goodness, it was great and that’s all I can remember. lol.

  124. Anonymous (verified owner)

  125. Zelta (verified owner)

    Very lemony, very bright when you ingest this stuff. I enjoy sandwiching it in between my flower and vaporizing on a sliding temperature scale. This stuff really shines for flavor and effects even at lower temperatures, which I prefer as my throat is rather sensitive at times.

  126. Branden (verified owner)

    Great gassy diesel smell, love the smell, good high ,decent consistency. Would buy again

  127. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good price point for the concentrate but it’s not consistent domes sticking like a skunk and others are mute

  128. Aaron G. (verified owner)

    Thca badder had great flavor and has a great high would recommend

  129. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fast shipping! Great product for the price. Consistency spot on. Terps aren’t super crazy, light lemony earthy. would recommend if on a budget and still want good quality

  130. Bradley H. (verified owner)

    This is a great product for an incredible price. Can’t beat it.

  131. Andrew (verified owner)

    Phenomenal for the price. It’s not as stinky as high end live resin, but doesn’t hurt my throat and lungs like a lot of other budget options. Would 100% stock up if I was low on cash

  132. Carter (verified owner)

    Got the deal on the 5g bucket to try out. Very good for the price, thank you guys! (:

  133. Mike (verified owner)

    What a pleasant surprise finding RHF. I tried 2g of the THCa budder on a whim and I am pleasantly surprised. It has a nice light color with a creamy texture. Nose was pretty solid but not overwhelming. Dabbed very nicely in my Proxy and had a nice taste. Looking forward to ordering some more soon!

  134. Ronald (verified owner)

    Not bad for the price. I’ve heard the smell varies from strong to weak, I got a few weak ones apparently. It smokes good though, very satisfied with effects.

  135. Tracy (verified owner)

    Good stuff!

  136. Emma Cheney (verified owner)

    Amazing product. helps with my autism and pain and gets me through the day. sleep is great. effects are great.

  137. Cameron Saxon (verified owner)

    1000/10. Can really get much better than this & for the price. Good job guys

  138. eliseo301 (verified owner)

    everything about this is grrreeeat 🔥🔥

  139. Anonymous (verified owner)

  140. brandon7467 (verified owner)

    I can say that I was thoroughly impressed by the badder, especially for the price.

  141. travissmith2123 (verified owner)

    I am not a concentrate guy at all. But this stuff tastes amazing. I took a dab using a seahorse? Im high af.

    grab it now esp while on sale!

  142. Anonymous (verified owner)

    11/10 especially if you get it on sale, it’s a steal

  143. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff, shipped fast too with a follow-up email, which I really appreciate. Thanks, Ryan! Will definitely keep coming back.

  144. Chris (verified owner)

    Shipped fast, hits smooth, and looks very lightly colored. I thought based on the lab results that it would be a little stronger than it is…..but still gets the job done nonetheless and when on sale, it’s the cheapest for an ounce of concentrate that I have come across on the internet (key phrase being “on the internet”). All in all, for the price, it’s a pretty good deal.

  145. Patrick (verified owner)

    really great value.

  146. devinvonzeyen (verified owner)

    str8 fire all day gonna go get a half now

  147. Devin Z. (verified owner)

    Gass, str8 fire all day. Str8 lunar juice 4 the win

  148. Christopher Armstrong (verified owner)

    Great product has a great taste and great affect will be buying again

  149. William (verified owner)

    Amazing! Some of the best I’ve found and the price is a steal. Buying more this week.

  150. Anonymous (verified owner)

    5/5 cause i bought this at a sale price that was unmatchable. i have also paid full price for this product and thought it was a solid 4/5, burned really cleaned and didnt chazz my stuff, tastes good too.

  151. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Very nice

  152. Matthew Perry (verified owner)

    had to get 2 zips on the 4/20 sale, recommending you to everyone ~ thank you

  153. Joe (verified owner)

    best deal hands down and no significant dip in quality this could go up against any dabs flavor and effects wise absurdly good stuff guys

  154. caden (verified owner)

    Great effects and great flavor. I will be picking this up again when the next great discount hits!

  155. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Top tier product … by far the best thca concentrates I have found..

  156. Peter Kim (verified owner)

    Good stuff – what a steal

  157. Gabe (verified owner)

    Really good for the price, not a super strong smell/taste but the high is clean. Consistency is nice, smokes good too

  158. Dalton Derrick (verified owner)

    Absolutely excellent, especially for the price.

  159. Asa (verified owner)

    Very good for the price, taste is kinda basic pine/lemon but not offensive, great daily dab.

  160. Jason E. (verified owner)

    This was my second purchase of the badder, and will be a regular/monthly order of mine (as long as it’s in stock). 🔥 🔥

  161. claytonelsburyy (verified owner)

    10/10 so high bro 420 everyday

  162. Joshua (verified owner)

    Great product and great price.

  163. Charles (verified owner)

    Bought the 2G one first. Liked it so much for the budget badder price that I came back for the 14G one. Consistency is great, no sulfur taste, kinda lemony-piney taste not overpowering and nice effect.

  164. Anonymous (verified owner)

    stuff smacks

  165. Steven R. (verified owner)

  166. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I mean come at the price it’s been that’s a steal badder is straight 🔥

  167. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing for the price, high quality, tastes good, and has more affect than others 10/10

  168. Ronald Rowe (verified owner)

    Great as usual, will cop again when I can!

  169. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Not bad

  170. Dalton Derrick (verified owner)

    absolutely amazing stuff!

  171. Matthew (verified owner)

    🔥 Slapping myself for only grabbing 14g instead of an oz. Definitely going to keep this one stocked as long as it’s available, this is my new favorite find!!! If you’re debating this, DON’T. You will love this!!

  172. Richard (verified owner)

    Good quality badder. Tastes clean and mildly piney. Will be buying more for sure.

  173. chris (verified owner)

    Great taste and good effects. it is between this and the blueberry crumble for my favorite

  174. Sean m. (verified owner)

    Good badder at a great price. Nice texture. Burns clean. Solid effects. Rush put out another winner.

  175. Anonymous (verified owner)

  176. Henry (verified owner)

    Really good stuff. Clean and tasty and best of all really nice high.

  177. gaabe1024 (verified owner)

    Tastes lemony/citrus with a little pine. A great buy when on sale

  178. midshineagario (verified owner)

    Amazing dab especially at the price point of 8/g! Directly comparable to dabs I’ve had in legal states, this is some good stuff!

  179. Tristan (verified owner)

    Great quality concentrate for the price. Hits hard!

  180. Thomas Chambers (verified owner)

    This badder is amazing!!!!10/10 all around for taste,smell, and high. Blast off into outer space instantly and exhale nice citrus and pine terp profile. Absolutely mouthwatering stuff bro.

  181. Dustin hedberg (verified owner)

    Always good ! The cornerstone and staple of rush farms is this stuff right here!

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For low, flavorful dab temps we recommend a cold start and heating up to 450-650F

RHF answered on July 26, 2023 store manager
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