Kush Mints THCa

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Rush Hemp Farms Kush Mints THC-a is currently available in 14g and 28g


Due to the size of this drop, please expect to wait 10-12 days for delivery.

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14g (Half), 28g (Oz)

8 reviews for Kush Mints THCa

  1. toby (verified owner)

    Not good

  2. Ithain Bline (verified owner)

    Solid flower. Great taste and euphoric effects. Not super dense buds, leads me to believe it may be sativa leaning.

  3. douglas


  4. Nathan B (verified owner)

    Beautiful strain! Im not sure if this is kush mints or not, but nonetheless it still is some excellent flower. Gave some to my aunt who smokes for her knee pain and has been smoking since the 70s and she loved it. Thank you!

  5. Daniel (verified owner)

    Solid flower! Very very terpy and stinky. It has a classic kush/sweet taste and is full of trichomes. Buds are a little lengthy and slender, not very dense. Solid 9/10 effects.

  6. Troy (verified owner)

    True small batch. Glad to be a part of this one.

  7. LivingOnBespin (verified owner)

    Very outstanding flower!
    I know what I like, I have a well seasoned understanding of what’s realistic to expect, and I am thoroughly satisfied.

    I never tried the first Kush Mints drop from way back so can’t compare to prior batches but I can say what I received weighed what it should, was covered in crystals and effects-wise is comparable with other One Hit Wonder -tier stuff. I heard 27% tossed around describing the first batch from a while ago. I would say my experience comports with that description, very impressive. To have just a tiny taste and not have to keep dipping back into it every few minutes to maintain cruising altitude is very nice.

    What I got was all nugs, no sugar leaf, no shake, no trim, not a lot of stems, no seeds, and all the buds were small like dime-size or smaller, yet well trimmed with lots of orange hairs and crystals. It is smooth, excellent taste, surprisingly smooth for the potency. Ashes clean and white. For the nose, I’d describe it as gassy, with strong notes of orange and grape. Curiously there is also a small but detectable background hint of blueberry, which is likely tiny remnants of the recent Blueberry Muffin strain that somehow became one with either pruning tools or burlap bags or maybe an air filter, I don’t know. I don’t mind it, it doesn’t overwhelm the Kush terps, and I’m confident all buds in the jar are the Kush, but there is a tinge of very high quality blueberry scent worth mentioning.

    Overall rating: Highest rating I can give. Great potency, cure, taste, trim, and packaging.

  8. Chucktatorship (verified owner)

    Oh what can I say? It’s amazing quality indica leaning strain that smells unique, has the loudest nose on any cult flower I’ve tried and will send you to the moon.

    My new favorite end of day strain.

    Bud structure was a fluffy and little stemmy but weight was good. I had 28G on the nose with a few huge buds still in the jar.

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